We support the successful implementation and scaling of projects that pursue reaching a new performing operational plateau for an organization. Our approach is to focus on the processes that sustain and deliver the capture, application and creation of new knowledge. We follow a structured methodology that combines agile and lean thinking with findings from the behavioral sciences and cognitive engineering to support people on making good day-to-day decisions - what matters at the end is how the best-laid plans are implemented. This is our forte.

The final deliverable is usually expressed in the form of on-site and off-site workshops, virtual and face to face trainings, train-the-trainer programs, on-line knowledge management portals for collaboration and knowledge enrichment, and knowledge based certifications. Yet, the underpinning main effort is to take the particular organization to a new level of functioning. It is about changing the way problems and challenges are addressed.

We use digital assets and software as well as conceptual tools to help leaders guide their organizations to this new level of functioning.  Call us so we can explore with you how to customize our approach to the particular needs of your organization - quickly.

We have experience working with organizations in higher education, life sciences, high-tech, and non-governmental organizations. The goal is always to improve and sustain organizational performance.

Some case studies include: