TALBOK™ Case Studies - Life Sciences

Digital transformation - Boston-based consultancy that globally connects complementary drug discovery tool companies.

Following a diagnostic assessment and strategic analysis of threats and opportunities, our project delivered an integrated decision-support system that connects clients and external and internal partners through mobile, cloud and analytical tools that make visible day-to-day progress towards strategic goals. The result is a holistic approach to strategy execution that informs all stakeholders.

Organizational enablement - Medical device biotechnology startup focused on developing a bio-implant to cure unmet medical need.

Our project addressed the development of individual skills, governance, structures, tools and processes using proven-methodologies for capability development in organizations. The goal is to continuously align investors, physicians using the technology, regulatory and funding agencies, and senior executives and staff, with visible instruments to support decision-making and establish and track jointly defined metrics. Followed by one-one CxO coaching, the project helped the product development company secure additional funding for the preliminary clinical research stage.

Strategic management support  - Pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing therapies for a particular illness.

Our project focus was to support the creation of a new cross-functional R&D team in charge of leading the last phase of clinical trials, globally. Through a series of facilitated meetings and one-to-one coaching, we supported the team in the translation of tangible goals into actionable visual aids that allow for the day-to-day tracking of progress. These visual aids were translated into a holistic decision support system (DSS) to support communication with all stakeholders throughout the launching and implementation of clinical trials. Our DDS increases accountability and productivity as it highlights interdependencies and operational challenges that require increased coordination and communication. After the initial phase, the project was scaled to other areas of the organization.