TALBOK™ Case Studies - Higher Education & Nonprofit


Organizational enablement  - A Harvard affiliated non-profit educational organization.

Designed, developed and delivered a knowledge portal, online training modules, online testing/assessment system, and a train-the-trainer framework to align with the organization’s mission and support higher education teaching and learning in institutions in the Americas and Spain. The project managed and coordinated local, remote and international experts, consultants, instructional designers, evaluation experts, facilitators, research assistants, and support staff. Through a 5-year partnership it helped train hundreds of faculty members in new methods of teaching and learning and using principles from behavioral sciences and cognitive engineering on how to design work and learning. Projects served through this partnership included: business school faculty development program for Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Women Initiative for Latin America and the Caribbean, 7-week teaching and learning best practices immersion program for the US Department of State’s Junior Foreign Faculty Enhancement Program (JFFE),  education quality improvement for 3500 faculty at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH), train-the-trainer program for the University of the Americas (UDLA) in Chile, and a train-the-trainer program for one of the Universities associated to the  APOLLO Education Group in Spain. In total, this program reached universities from 17 countries.

Organizational Enablement - A new educational model for a private university’s professional college in South America.

Our project addressed the development of individual skills, structures, tools and processes to modernize one of the undergraduate business programs incorporating newly approved international practice and guidelines. Coordinating with international subject matter experts, we defined and structured the learning content of the program. The goal was to provide a recommended technology platform and tools, a network of partners, a new teaching and learning model, faculty enablement with clear guidelines and competencies, and a clear path for continued improvement in the use of the new technical and conceptual tools.

Digital transformation - World Bank project for the higher education sector in an Eastern European country.

Following a diagnostic assessment based on interviews with leaders from 12 public and private universities as well as governmental administrators, our project proposed and validated a strategic plan to incorporate new technologies and build coalitions with international stakeholders. The ultimate goal was to modernize the higher education sector in this country and provide them a technological and conceptual roadmap to follow. The strategic plan included tactics for implementation that acknowledged the independence of different stakeholders and support coalition building.

Operational excellence - Model for a national university in Central America.

The focus of our project was to modernize the educational model and delivery at the 10 campuses of this university. Deliverables included an online testing and assessment system, a train-the-trainer certification, an online portal, virtual and face to face learning modules, and coalition building with international subject-matter experts and institutions. On a second phase, we supported the University’s program management office (PMO) by providing guidance, best practices, roadmaps, visioning and certifications, and international partners and coalitions that would ensure sustainability of the program. This program has become mandatory for all faculty at the University. It is supported by teams of volunteer faculty, one team per school or college, who serve as facilitators of the process of enablement and transformation.